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What’s Next — Bob Group, iKhokha, and Stone Hut Designs discuss their exciting new partnership

Bob Group, iKhokha, and Stone Hut Designs discuss their exciting new partnership

In this What’s Next interview, Aki Anastasiou is joined by Anita Erasmus, Head of Business at Bob Group; Graeme Cumming, Chief Product Officer at iKhokha; and Gill Balfour, Co-Founder of Stone Hut Designs, to discuss their companies’ exciting new partnership.

Anita Erasmus heads up the business systems of Bob Group — an ecommerce ecosystem aimed at making online shopping reliable, simple, and trustworthy.

Erasmus previously worked as an Operations Assistant and a Business Consultant before becoming the Business Manager of uAfrica – which was rebranded to Bob Go in February 2023.

Graeme Cumming is the Chief Product Officer at iKhokha, where he has worked since the beginning of 2022.

Cumming pioneered streaming television in Africa as the Head of Product Development for the MultiChoice Group, and has over 20 years of digital leadership experience.

His focus is now on building the future of FinTech at iKhokha, and he is driven to deliver technology-based payment solutions that help entrepreneurs start, manage, and grow their business.

Gill Balfour is the Co-Founder and Owner of Stone Hut Designs.

Her corporate career began in the ICT industry in London in 1994, where she developed a passion for web design and development. She then returned to South Africa to found website design and development company Stone Hut Designs in 2002. Over the past two decades, under the leadership of Balfour, Stone Hut Designs has grown to serve customers worldwide, and has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional service and top-notch work.

What’s Next interview

In this What’s Next interview, these three prominent business leaders talk about the exciting new partnership between Stone Hut Designs, iKhokha, and Bob Group’s ecommerce software, Bob Go.

Balfour begins by unpacking this partnership and what it offers to clients in the ecommerce industry.

She also explains what each partner brings to the table to make this partnership unique and valuable.

Cumming then talks about the role payment gateways play in the online buying journey, and the opportunities this presents to SMEs.

Erasmus discusses the key to a successful ecommerce strategy, and highlights the shipping strategies that ecommerce merchants can use to provide superior customer service.

Watch the full What’s Next interview below.

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