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Explore a selection of our e-commerce projects across platforms.

These examples showcase the diversity and flexibility of our work, tailored to our clients' varied needs and goals, from startups to established businesses.


Acuario ecommerce wordpress website

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

Date: January 2024

Solution: New eCommerce website to emerge into the US market place.


  • Full eCommerce functionality

  • Shipping to US & Mexico

  • Advanced product page with compare feature, add to wishlist, reviews.
  • Blog

At Stone Hut Designs, we were thrilled to collaborate with Acuario on their journey to revolutionize water purification. Acuario's story resonated deeply with their family's transformative experience in Mexico, realising the profound impact of water quality on health. They discovered the pitfalls of conventional water purification methods and embarked on a mission to bring life-enhancing, bioavailable water to others.

Together, we were excited to develop a new eCommerce WordPress website for Acuario's innovative water purification products, allowing them to emerge into the US market with a compelling online presence. This collaboration underscored our shared dedication to quality, sustainability, and the transformative power of technology in enhancing everyday lives.

Glow Bright

eCommerce WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

Date: March 2024

Solution: Full redesign to enhance user experience and increase sales


  • Full eCommerce functionality

  • Muli-currency

  • Review integration

At Stone Hut Designs, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Glow Bright, a company founded in late 2022 by Vernon and Romy. Together, Vernon and Romy embarked on a mission to redefine skincare, harnessing the power of nature to achieve radiant, healthy skin. Romy's expertise and passion for all things natural, combined with Vernon's marketing acumen, laid the foundation for Glow Bright's innovative approach.

With Stone Hut Designs on board, our focus was to redesign Glow Bright's current eCommerce WordPress website. Our goal was clear: to enhance the user experience and ultimately drive sales. By leveraging our expertise in website design and user-centric strategies, we aimed to illuminate Glow Bright's path to success in the skincare industry.

Connected Devices

Connected Devices Shopify Website.jpg

Platform: Shopify

Date: November 2022

Solution: Full eCommerce Redesign to expand and grow into new markets.


  • Multiple payment integrations

  • Notify me of product

  • Available to order form

  • Daily deal application

At Stone Hut Designs, we had the pleasure of partnering with Connected Devices, a trusted provider of mobile devices, tablets, and wearables for over 8 years. Founded on the principles of personal and transparent customer service, Connected Devices has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in the tech retail industry.

Our mission at Stone Hut Designs was to redesign Connected Devices' Shopify website to reflect their commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service.


Through strategic eCommerce solutions, we aimed to enhance the user experience and showcase Connected Devices' extensive product offerings to their loyal customer base and beyond.

Dalani Trip Planners

eCommerce WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress utilising an advanced travel application

Date: December 2023

Solution: Full website redesign with online booking and payment functionality


  • Individual interactive travel pages

  • Online booking facility

  • Online payment facility

  • Extra add on's at checkout

  • Donations portal

At Stone Hut Designs, we had the privilege of collaborating with Dalani Trip Planners, a company dedicated to cultivating a safe, inspiring, and engaging travel community. Dalani specialises in curated group trips, making travel accessible to all by removing the barriers of finding travel companions.

Our goal was to redesign Dalani's website, integrating advanced online booking functionality to streamline the trip planning process for their customers.

By partnering with Dalani Trip Planners, we aimed to empower travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys with ease. Through strategic design and technology, we enhanced Dalani's website to reflect their commitment to inclusive and educational travel experiences. At Stone Hut Designs, we are proud to have played a role in supporting Dalani's vision of making travel accessible and enriching for all.

Dacha Wellness

eCommerce WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress/WooCommerce

Date: April 2023

Solution: Full eCommerce Redesign to expand and grow into new markets.


  • WooCommerce

  • iKhokha payment integration

  • BobGo smart shipping integration

  • Blog

At Stone Hut Designs, we were thrilled to have partnered with Dacha Wellness, a brand inspired by the healing power of nature and dedicated to promoting simplicity in healthcare and skincare. Dacha Wellness believed in the transformative benefits of living in harmony with nature, and we were excited to translate this ethos into an engaging and effective eCommerce website.

Having achieved third place at the 2022 International Cannavist Awards with their Bush Wellness Body Care Range, Dacha Wellness was committed to offering premium-quality products that prioritized purity and efficacy. At Stone Hut Designs, we understood the importance of reflecting this commitment through a thoughtfully designed online platform.

As specialists in eCommerce website design on WordPress, we were passionate about creating websites that not only showcased brands but also elevated their online presence. Our goal was to develop an attractive and user-friendly website for Dacha Wellness, allowing customers to explore and embrace the simplicity of natural wellness. We were proud to have brought Dacha Wellness' vision to life online.