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Explore a selection of our advanced projects across platforms.

These examples showcase the diversity and flexibility of our work, tailored to our clients' varied needs and goals, from startups to established businesses.

Indaba Pro

Advanced WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress utilising an advanced online learning application

Date: April 2022 - Present

Solution: Website development for online learning portal


  • Online booking and payment

  • Payment integration

  • Specialist profile page

  • Learners profile page

  • Zoom integration

  • Instant messaging between specialist and learner

Stone Hut Designs collaborated with Indaba Pro to develop a user-friendly online learning website that met the needs of learning specialists and enhanced access to educational resources. Through collaboration, they leveraged technology to create an engaging and effective online learning experience.

Indaba Pro emerged from a deep understanding of the growing demand for remedial teaching and related services like Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Many schools lacked access to these vital services, creating a gap for parents and learners seeking support. This inspired Indaba Pro to bridge the divide and offer online learning solutions tailored to learning specialists.

Stone Hut Designs developed an online platform that facilitated learning and fostered growth for educators and learners alike.

Wild Child Africa

Wild Child Africa WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress

Date: February 2018 - Present

Solution: Website redesign for exclusive travel company


  • Second website integrated into main with independent menu

  • Advanced online calendar integration for booking
  • Event booking
  • Social Feeds

Stone Hut Designs had the privilege of collaborating with Wild Child Africa to redesign an interactive and modern website that showcased their adventure tourism offerings. As an adventure tourism company, Wild Child Africa specialized in providing privately-guided, tailor-made adventures for tourists, expeditions, and corporate groups seeking unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

The project involved revamping Wild Child Africa's online presence to appeal to new and existing clients, highlighting their commitment to personalised and unforgettable journeys. Through strategic design and development, Stone Hut Designs transformed the website into a dynamic platform that reflected Wild Child Africa's adventurous spirit and dedication to exceptional customer experiences.

The redesigned website aimed to capture the essence of Wild Child Africa's offerings, catering to travelers seeking authentic and immersive adventures. Stone Hut Designs incorporated interactive elements and modern design features to engage visitors and encourage exploration of Wild Child Africa's unique travel experiences. The result was a compelling online showcase that inspired travelers to embark on extraordinary journeys with Wild Child Africa.

Madrassa A-Noor for the Blind

Advanced WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress

Date: April 2017 - Present

Solution: Development of an interactive website for the Centre with ease for student admissions, audio file access and donations. Full redesign in 2023


  • Advanced online admission form.

  • Advanced audio file repository with download and play functionality.
  • Full donation portal.
  • Newsletter integration.
  • Blog

At Stone Hut Designs, we were honored to partner with Madrassa An-Noor for the Blind to develop an advanced website that caters to student admissions, online donations, and an audio file repository with downloadable resources.

Established in 1986, Madrassa An-Noor was born out of a pressing need within the Muslim community in South Africa. Parents sought a dedicated institute to provide religious education for visually impaired children, who lacked access to specialized Islamic instruction. The Madrassa's journey began humbly, with just one student starting to learn the Quranic primer, or "Qaaida." As more students joined, the Madrassa quickly expanded its offerings and facilities to meet the growing demand.

We were committed to leveraging our expertise in website development to enhance Madrassa An-Noor's online presence, ensuring accessibility and functionality that align with its mission of empowering visually impaired students through education and Islamic teachings.

Bombers Education

Bombers Education Advanced WordPress Website

Platform: WordPress

Date: October 2022

Solution: Development of an interactive website Bombers Education to showcase their online courses.


  • Online course with individual lessons.

  • Free Courses + Paid Courses

  • Blog Application

Stone Hut Designs had the opportunity to develop an advanced website for Bombers Education, showcasing their comprehensive online courses focused on equine anatomy and bitting.


Bombers Education's platform was designed to educate individuals in the equine industry, offering insights and expertise derived from Bomber, Claire, and their colleagues' experiences.


Our collaboration aimed to provide a user-friendly and interactive virtual education platform accessible worldwide. The online courses offered by Bombers Education catered to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of bitting techniques and their impact, reflecting the growing trend towards virtual learning in the equestrian community.

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